Crime Inestigations

Can you help me understand this Law question? A criminal investigation can only begin if a “crime” has been committed. All crimes have a penalty attached to them, otherwise they are not criminal violations. There have been some infamous criminal investigations in recent history. Find one that has been investigated and solved and answer the […]

Design A Presentation Of An Organization Metaphor​ (Organizations​ As Machines)​

I’m trying to learn for my Psychology class and I’m stuck. Can you help? Images of Organization by Gareth Morgan. 1. Design a Presentation of an Organization Metaphor (Organizations as Machines) Address why this perspective is important to organizations. Using PowerPoint or other presentation format. Include the strengths and weaknesses of this metaphor. 2. Prepare […]

Essay Writ

I’m stuck on a Art & Design question and need an explanation. Post your reply to the midterm essay question here. Do not do outside research. Use only resources assigned in this course. Essay question: Two prompts available. Answer only one. 300-450 words in length only (slightly shorter than the Reaction Paper minimum length). Answers […]

When You Write A Critique, Your Goals Are To Be Both Supportive And Rigorous. As Easy As It Is For Readers To Announce A Thumbs-up (it’s Good!) Or Thumbs-down (it Needs Work) Verdict On A Piece Of Writing, This Kind Of Critique Offers Little Back To Write

Can you help me understand this English question? When you write a critique, your goals are to be both supportive and rigorous. As easy as it is for readers to announce a thumbs-up (it’s good!) or thumbs-down (it needs work) verdict on a piece of writing, this kind of critique offers little back to writers […]

Interventions Case Study

I’m working on a Psychology exercise and need support. For this assignment, you will choose a case related to sexual assault, family crisis, or personal loss. Given the background information in the textbook, you will take on the role of the crisis interventionist by assessing the situation, identifying the components of the crisis and determining […]

Personality Disorders Response

I’m studying for my Social Science class and need an explanation. Directions: Respond to two colleagues separate in the following ways: Explain whether you agree with your colleague about the potential effects of labeling an individual with a personality disorder. Explain how to engage in trauma-informed treatment with this client given the effects of trauma […]


I’m studying and need help with a Political Science question to help me learn. 1. What does Metroplan Orlando do? Provide at least one specific example. 2. What does a planner do (Alex Trauger)? What does Mary Ann Horne do? 3. Discuss two observations that caught your attention about Ms. Horne, Mr. Trauger and/or Metroplan […]

Applied Behavior Analysis Unit 5 Discussion

I need support with this Psychology question so I can learn better. Watch the Unit 5 Lecture. (click here for transcripts) Read the following scenario. You have finally arrived! You are in your last class of your bachelor’s program, i.e., the Applied Behavior Analysis Capstone! It has been a long journey and you are excited […]

Leadership And Correctional Reform

I’m studying for my Law class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study? Assignment Content Write a 210 word paper that analyzes leadership and correctional reform at the local, state, and federal levels. Include the following: Evaluate which managerial style would best fit for state & federal correctional facilities. Please […]